Arm Wave

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The New HAITI WAVE SLEEVE that reflects light and lights up when light hits it. Modern Haitian Arm flags (Arm Bands, Sleeve Flag)

The Sleeve Flag may use by carnival attendees, Carnival bands, Soca Artiste, Revelers     

  • The Arm Wave Sleeve Flag is light, comfortable, hand free and hassle free
  • Perfect for all arm raising celebrations.
  • Users can spin it, wave it, shake it, crush it up and throw it. 
  • The Arm Sleeve (Arm Flag or Arm Band) is very convenient, can fold really small and tuck in pocket or wear on the arm for hours. 
  • The Arm Flag (Sleeve) can be branded with club's, school's or team's logo, Athletes, Singers or Political Candidates faces, slogan or brand. 

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