Mexico Arm Wave Sleeve Flag (Arm Band)

Arm Waves

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The green, white and red Arm Wave Sleeve is perfect for cheering, chanting and the wave celebration done in the stadiums. It has two sewn attached pieces under the underarm part of the Arm Sleeve.

  • The Mexican Arm Wave Sleeve Flag is light, comfortable, hand free, and hassle-free.
  • The Arm Sleeve/ Band is very convenient and can be folded really small and tucked in a pocket or worn on the arm for hours. 
  • The Customized Sleeve Flag can be branded with the club's, school's or team's logo, Athletes', Singer's, or Political Candidate's faces, slogan or brand.  
  • The Arm Waves Arm Sleeve (Arm Band Flag) is safe, it passes all Stadiums and arenas regulations and meets all requirements to be recognized and considered as the Official/best Cheering Instrument used by all Season Pass Holders, irrespective of where they sit or stand. 
  • The fitted ARM Sleeve Flag reduces the risk of harming fellow supporters and can be used in all sections of the stadium. Unlike the cumbersome, old conventional, hazardous stick flags, which are dangerous and problematic for fans and supporters who want to enjoy the game. 
  • The Stylish Arm Band Flag was designed for the user/wearer to cheer, chant and celebrate without blocking the view of the field, court or Stage.
  • The Arm Wave Sleeve Product can now re-energize sports enthusiast (Soccer Fans, Basketball Fans, Track and Field Fans, American Football Fans) by revitalizing and enhancing the Wave Celebration practice universally in the Stadiums.

Minimum order 100 - 2,000pcs = $7.00 per wave sleeve, turn around time 7-10 business days, 10,000pcs 4-5 weeks.

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