PLAIN WHITE ARM WAVE SLEEVE FLAG (Arm Band) Customize your own!

Arm Wave

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Print or put your own brand/image on the new plain white Arm Wave. The new Plain White Arm Wave with interchangeable wing is the new way to represent multiple: Countries, teams, Clubs, Schools, Promotions and Brand all at the same time. The new Arm Wave Celebrity Sleeve also known as the "Official Cheering Instrument" is light, comfortable and can wear for hours. The Arm Band can be customize for famous Artists, singers, Rappers, DJ, parades, March, festivals, carnivals, event, Album, Music Videos, Politician, Political campaign, fans and supporters.  The Plain White Flag is for all to decorate, customize or express ones creative mind with markers, permanent paints, Stickers, Glitters or any prints of choice. Mix and Match brands with this innovative replaceable wing. The same replaceable wing can rotate, making the user able to wear Arm Sleeve on either Arm (Left or Right Arm).