Sint Marteen Arm Wave Sleeve Flag

Arm Wave

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The new Sint Marteen Arm Wave Arm Sleeve Flag with an interchangeable wing is one of the most exciting new ways to represent your country. Arm Wave Sleeve Flag can be used to promote different Countries, teams, Clubs, Schools, and Brands simultaneously with the replaceable wing. The new Arm Wave Celebrity Sleeve also known as the "Official Cheering Instrument" is light, comfortable, and stylish. The arm sleeve (Armband) can be customized for famous artists, singers, Rappers, DJs, parades, March, festivals, carnivals, brands, events, albums, Music Videos, politicians, Political campaigns, fans, and supporters. Represent Sint Marteen with the new Cuba Arm Flag or use the innovative replaceable wing separately to represent your country. The same replaceable wing can rotate, allowing the user to wear it on either Arm (Left or Right Arm).

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