Turks and Caicos Blue Arm Sleeve RL

Turks and Caicos Blue Arm Sleeve RL

Arm Waves

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The Blue Turks and Caicos Universal Arm Wave Arm Sleeve is one of the market's most innovative Arm Sleeves (Armbands). The Arm Wave Sleeve with a Zipper under the underarm part of the Arm Sleeve can connect to any other Arm Wave Zip banner, Zip Wing, or Zip Flag Piece. The universal Zip Arm Sleeve (Armband) is used and recognized as the official cheering instrument for all sports fans and supporters. The sports fans' arm accessory "AKA" the Celebrity Arm Sleeve" can be customized to promote sports teams like the MLS Soccer teams, Champions League teams, UEFA English league teams, Spanish league teams, World Cup soccer teams, Olympic Country Teams, NBA Teams, NFL teams, NCAA College teams, MLB teams, and Famous Artists in different music genres like R&B, hip-hop, country, jazz, rap, reggae, soca, gospel, and political candidate or politicians running in presidential elections or campaigns. 

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