CUSTOMIZE the ARM FLAG or WAVE SLEEVE, PERSONALIZE the new trendy (Arm Band, Arm Sleeve)

Purchase the new Celebs ARM FLAG or WAVE SLEEVE, or let us design a custom one for you. We will customize the new trendy Wave Sleeve or Arm Flag to your preference. Imaging your design/concept and we will design and manufacture your personal Arm Sleeve for you or your Brand.

The Arm Flag

The Arm Flag provides a Sleeve and one attached piece known as the "Wing"  (Surface 2) and it is located under the underarm portion of the sleeve. There are 3 surface to promote and or advertise on the "Arm Flag" (Surface 1, 2 & 4). 

The Wave Sleeve

The Wave Sleeve provides a Sleeve and two attached pieces "surface 2" (known as the Wing) and "Surface 3" (known as the Symbol). Both attached pieces are located under the underarm portion of the Sleeve. There are 4 surface to promote and or advertise on the "Wave Sleeve" (Surface 1, 2, 3 & 4). 

How to Design your Arm Flag and Wave Sleeve

First, copy the sleeve outline (die-cut) below,


Follow said sleeve outline (die-cut) and stay within the margins, do not change the sleeve outline shape or dimension. Add photo, text and or images to "WING" portion. Make image/s at least 300dpi, we recommend all "text" to be vector for better resolution. After, artwork is completed, outline all text and images as indicated below. 


Please see the bottom left corner of the sleeve portion where Arm Wave logo is located (not outlined) . We asked kindly, when designing your sleeve, if decide to use "Surface 1", leave said space at bottom left corner for Arm Wave logo.  After all completed, Click on the "CUSTOMIZE THE FLAG" sleeve outline (die-cut) below. Select quantity with size variations and make payment. Email us AI (Adobe Illustrator) and jpeg files of your custom designed sleeve at We will review your design and contact you if any changes needed. If approved and payment already made, we will inform you of when your sleeves will be delivered.

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