Seeking Sports Licenses for the Armwaves

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Eyes Strategic Partnerships for Sports Licenses

The “Official Cheering Instrument Company” is now seeking sports licenses for its ultimate cheering gear

Cheering on a favorite sports team has never been easier or more fun than with Arm Waves, the Official Cheering Instrument Company.

Arm Waves were created by sports fans, for sports fans. These lightweight, easy-to-carry cheering tools are simply sleeves that go over the arm or jacket sleeve, featuring an interchangeable drape that hangs down and can be waved to show support for a specific team, league, school, or country.

“If you haven’t done ‘the wave’ with Arm Waves, then you haven’t experienced the fun of cheering,” said a spokesperson for Arm Waves.

Now, Arm Waves is seeking out official sport licensing to brand their cheering gear and reach even more crowds. This would allow for team logos, insignia, and more to be printed on the Arm Waves, giving fans everywhere a fun way to represent their favorite team while performing all arm- raising activities. 

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