The grey Camouflage around the Sleeves which signifies we are all one, is a representation to show togetherness and the strength of all nations. These ARM WAVE ARM FLAGS are very prestigious, stylish and are different from any preexisting flags. They are disguised with artistic designs but yet revel what they are representing. Each Camouflage Arm Flag (Arm band, Arm Sleeve) represent a country (Island), a person or a Brand  or all. The Arm Flags are here to set a statement for the 2019. The new trendy Celebs sleeve flags that Famous singers/artist (Soca, Reggae Rnb and Rap Artist) perform in. They are best suited for all arm raising celebrations (Carnival, Mas bands, Revelers, sport fans and supporters) soccer, basketball, football, Track and Field, children, adults of all age, with different arm sizes.

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