About us


We are an E-commerce website into outdoor sports, providing innovative Arm Sleeves products at convenience to people and brands who are also passionate about fun, sports and marketing. Our success story started since the idea was conceived in 2016, with a vision to create the "Official Cheering Instrument" use by all sports fans, supporter's group and all Major brands. A unique and exciting Arm Wave Arm Sleeve that is transformable, multipurpose and conventionally different in design and able to perform all arm cheering activities in the stadiums. 


Our online store at www.armwave.com offers a personalized, prompt and efficient service for Arm Sleeves products. We have been successfully selling our Arm Sleeves products through our online store and we are 100% committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service, stress free and enjoyable online shopping experience.


Our team consist of creative, happy, dedicated and fun loving people that loves the outdoors, sports, excitement and advertising. We believe in being passionate and goal driven about our set goals. Our collective desire is to see ARM WAVE as the Official Cheering Instrument use globally in all Schools, Stadiums and Arenas. Our team render quality and innovative arm sleeves products, effectively to our teeming customers worldwide. As we strive for excellence, embracing partners, networking with brands, following the guide lines and holding hands, our gratitude for every lending hand take precedence for all the smiling faces and cheering Arms. We welcome you on this cheerful journey as we customize our Arm Sleeves one by one and adapting to our customers cheering needs .

Our customers security

We strongly believe in our customer's security and privacy. Reason why we did not hesitate to adopt the toughest standards for online security available.