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Arm Wave announces the launch of its new “Official Cheering Instrument” for all sports fans. 

Coming August 6th, 2022, at the Orlando City Soccer Exploria Stadium, for the first time, the Purple Color Orlando City “Freeocta Arm Wave” cheering instrument is to be launched.

Lady wearing the Official Cheering Instrument (Freeocta Arm Wave)

The leading Arm Flag company recently announced its new product launch for its soon-to-be-released “Freeocta Arm Wave Sleeve” product for major sports teams and supporters’ groups worldwide.

Arm Wave is a US-based company that provides amazing Arm Cheering Instruments for sports enthusiasts. The company is into intellectual property licensing, manufacturing and distribution of the official cheering instruments, entertainment, sports brands, and marketing. Arm Wave's huge assortment of personalized and efficient Arm Flag products are designed to mix-and-match interchangeable brand pieces, like different sports teams' Arm sleeves, which connect to different athletes' faces or number Flag pieces. Similarly, clubs' or schools' arm sleeves connect to a league or country’s Flag piece and vice-versa. The company's innovative cheering instrument was designed to perform and enhance most of the arm waving celebrations and chant activities done in stadiums and arenas worldwide.

Counting down to the official cheering instrument's launch date (August 6th, 2022) at Orlando City Stadium in the US. Soccer, basketball, football, cricket, baseball, and track and field fans are curious to know if or when the Arm Wave company will manufacture their favorite team, club, school, country, or player's Armwaves Sleeve Flag?

Over the concerns about the “Official Cheering Instrument,” and  if all major sports leagues and teams' IP licenses are granted to the Arm Wave Company, how “Arm Wave Corp” will fulfill the demands for the millions of Arm Wave Sleeve products for the number of sports teams in the US moreover, worldwide? A spokesperson from the Arm Wave company answered, “We will try our utmost best to fulfill the customers' demands, license our IP rights to reputable companies with sports licenses and manufacturing power in different countries, and establish Arm Wave’s subsidiaries worldwide.”

 While the anticipation increased for the coming of the first “Official Cheering Instrument” for all sports, the Arm Wave Company continues to strive for excellence by joining hands with partners, networking with the brands, and insisting on following the guidelines of successful brands like Nike, Google, Amazon, and Apple.

The Arm Wave company has been successfully selling countries' Arm Sleeve Flag products through their online store at Meanwhile, researching and developing the best quality product designs for different countries and their weather environment.

 The “Freeocta Arm Wave'' is a lightweight, foldable cheering instrument that is hand-free, hassle-free, meets all stadium and arena requirements, very exquisite, not cumbersome nor hazardous, can be used in all seating sections, transformable to perform all cheering and chant activities, and can be carried to any place by the customer without causing any inconvenience. Also, the official cheering instrument can be used for branding, customization, and marketing of any brand, making it a truly desirable product.  

The team at Arm Wave consists of dedicated and creative professionals who love outdoor sports and advertising. They are passionate about attaining their goals.

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About Arm Wave

Arm Wave Corporation is the number one arm-flag company in the world, with patents granted in the United States of America, China, India, and over 30 countries in Europe. Arm Wave is a published mark in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Gazette of International Marks and an A+ Accredited Business in the United States of America by the Better Business Bureau.

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